The Agricultural College Mancy located in Lons-le-Saunier, France is a vocational college offering several curriculae in relation with equine studies,  care to people and rural development.

Students’ ages range from 14 to 20 years old depending on the curriuculum they attend.

  • At 14, students, in their final lower secondary year, can enrol in the college and can experience their first approach of care to people or equine studies. Most of the studies are however still connected to general subjects.
  • At 15, they can enter in a 2-year curriculum named CAPa. This is mainly for students who need to regain self-confidence in their skills and they will  hopefully pass a first level vocational diploma. Otherwise, they might choose to follow a 3-year curriculum and sit for a vocational leaving certificate. The last 2 curriculae offer more vocational courses than general subjects.
  • When it comes to higher studies, students may enrol at Mancy college once they have completed a leaving certificate and attend a short university level course of 2 years on rural development.

The college offers most courses to full-time students and apprentices. A few courses are opened to adult learners. Each year, close to 400 students attend courses at our college.


Mancy Agricultural college is involved in international programs and relationships with foreign colleges.

This December 2023, the college will celebrate its 10th birthday of partnership with CÉGEP St-Félicien in Québec. This partnership makes it possible for students to attend courses in tourism or environmental protection. It also allows volunteer students to experience a 3 month internship in North America every summer.

When it comes to equine studies, volunteer students can experience a 2 to 3 weeks extra work placement in Ireland or, in July 2024, a 3 week period in Chile. Over the last 12 months, the college has hosted students and staff from Québec, Chile, Morocco and Ireland.   Future international partnerships are likely to include Hungary and Croatia.

The college is coordinating an Erasmus VET consortium with 14 other province based farming colleges and hoping to do so for higher education curriculae for the years 2024-2027.

For further information on international matters, please contact us at


Our facilities.

Our Equine Centre has a wide range of facilities to ensure that our students and the wider community have access to everything they need. The equine centre is opened to our local community and those willing to enjoy horse riding in an outstanding environment.

The facilities include:

  • An indoor and outdoor arena
  • Equine laundry facilities
  • Horsewalker
  • Practical demonstration room with gallery seating
  • Showers and tack rooms


Our care to people students enjoy a dedicated learning environment where students are able to master the required technics to deal with elderly people or babies turning them into skilled care workers.

Practical lessons help learners to develop their communication and professional skills. Besides, four to five weekly hours are dedicated to developing projects and are home to multidisciplinary lessons. These are the reasons why the care curriculae are opened onto the real world which students will later experience as professional care workers.

As part of their curriculum, students are required to undergo work placements with 0 to 6 years old children or with adults with special needs and with elderly people in nursing homes.


Rural development course facilities.

Students attending this curriculum are set in a distinctive part of the college. They enjoy a course based on projects with community partners and local bodies which make this course attractive to students willing to deal with theory and practical experiences.

All courses include periods of work placements.